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Real Estate is one industry that is very depended on high quality photography for its growth and survival. The quality requirements of these photographs are so exacting that field photography can never meet. Hence the need for post photo manipulations and enhancement services are absolutely necessary. Many of the process are very technical and calls for sophisticated hard and software tools and extremely skilled and well trained professionals to execute. The introduction of digital technology has revolutionized these operations. And it is very satisfying that the required quality is almost always achieved. 
This write up is intended to give the reader an idea about the operations and the processes used in producing these spectacular pictures that are seen in the various instruments of sales. This by no means is to make anyone a competent post photo processing expert. 
The Real Estate photography is often done in the most unfriendly of ambiences. The photographer goes to work right from the site clearing operations. The atmosphere is dusty, surroundings littered with all sorts of obstacles and heavy construction machinery. Photographs are taken at different times during the construction and later formed into an album including panoramic views of construction and the completed property. Internal photography is an integral part of these and would need introduction of objects to enhance the look of the finished property. Some of the operations, not necessarily sequential, are indicated in subsequent paragraphs. 
Real Estate, Real Estate Photography, Real Estate Photo Editing, Virtual Staging, Virtual Adding, Panorama Stitching, HDR Photo Blending, Still Image Enhancement, Perspective Correction, Sky Change
1.  Stitching of images. 
Real estate photography is done in bits and pieces while the final or even intermediate photographs need to look whole. This is achieved by a process called image stitching. This is highly technical, needs expertise and experience and very powerful tools to achieve good results. The software scans all the individual photos, effects very good alignment, makes corrections for exposure, colour illumination and other camera distortions to give a perfect whole as if it is taken in a single exposure. 
 An allied but far more complex operation is Panoramic Stitching. This involves photographing with the camera fitted to a panoramic head giving the freedom for 360o rotation. Very close foregrounds are photographed. These individual exposures are then stitched to form a beautiful panoramic view of the whole site. 
2. Sky Augmentation Services.
However kind nature may be it is unreasonable to expect exact shooting conditions of sky pattern and illumination, and continuity in the surroundings during construction. It is an absolute necessity to have continuity in all these for the final picture to look attractive. The process is called Layer Masking. This is achieved by masking unwanted portions of a picture and then introducing the necessary objects in different layers overlaid over one another. The same process is used to remove distracting objects and introducing aesthetic enhancing features like fire in fireplace and vegetation in the surroundings.
3. Colour correction.
A group of operations, like colour cast removal, white balance, colour saturation, tone, exposure correction, colour correction etc. are undertaken using the same tool like Level in Photoshop or its equivalents. These together improve the appearance of the photograph and make it very impressive and attractive.
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