How good is Pixlr for Online Photo Editing? Pixlr - Pros and Cons
Admin : 11: July 2016

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The digital technology has revolutionized photography in many a way. The most important are the great sophistication of the cameras, the development and its continued evolution and a great cost reduction of taking photos and post photo processing and storage without loss of quality.  All these, in varying degree made photography affordable to the large populace. Many took to photography as a hobby and some progressed to livelihood means. Many plunged into it to make it a means of livelihood. Alongside, application of digital technology in communication opened up avenues to marketing and sales. All these avenues depend on good quality photographs to push up sales of both goods and services. Communication taking to mobile technology in a very big way demand for quality and imaginative photography has leapfrogged in recent times.
The outcome of all these is the demand for high quality post photo processing tools. The software industry rose admirably to meet the demands both in quality and quantity requirements of the various industries. The keen competition, as competition always does, resulted in some excellent packages with versatility to practically modify and enhance a photo in any way one wants. All the top end packages demanded a memory space of 128MB to 4GB of on available hard-disks and 100MB to 4GB of RAM. Enter Cloud based technology and remove this bottleneck of yesterday. Companies were quick to exploit the technology and took to it like ducks to water. Result - net based photo processing packages as good as any. Pixlr is one of them, easy to use and very versatile and powerful.
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A program hosted entirely online has quite a few advantages. 
The first and foremost is that one can save a lot memory space on the computer. 
An upfront payment is not needed.
Instant availability of updates without additional payments.
It is available on the go and ideal for use on mobile equipment and multiple computers.
However the flip side is that one needs the internet for its use.
There are many cloud based programmes. Pixlr is one such package. It is a family of photo editing tools developed and provided by Autodesk for free. Pixlr is a full featured photo editor which has many features of Photoshop and Corel Shop Pro. Almost all photo editing can be done without going to a desktop programme. It features a vertical toolbar stacked with selection and editing tools. It also provides support for multiple layers and even an array of filters like blur, unsharp mask and simulated HDR. It indeed is a complete post photo processor that runs on the Web browser. Autodesk has developed another package called Pixlr Express which provides a streamlined user interface. It has a few buttons at the bottoms of the browser window for photo adjustments, special effects, overlays, borders, and entering text. Each of these buttons has a host of options to give you unexpected power and flexibility to manipulate the photograph. It is very handy to design book covers and like and exemplifies its versatility.
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Photo Editing India is a very well reputed known service provider for Post Photo-Shoot Image Enhancement Services online. The service provider has an array of the latest and most powerful of hard and software for post photo processing. The company has realised that the best of wares is not going to give commensurate results if the men behind the machine are not up to date. Hence the service provider has also assembled skilled and experienced man power who are also updated on the various tools and techniques of post photo processing. Photo Editing India has built p a reputation for consistently high quality products and delivers them on time and cost effectively. 

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