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: 11: July 2016

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Employment of digital technology in the field of photography has led to great sophistication of cameras and to the birth of a new field of highly technical Post Photo Processing. The great achievement is in making the applications user friendly. The overall cost of photographing and quality storage has become affordable to the common populace. This increased vastly the amount of people engaged in photography either as hobby or livelihood means. This led to increased competition and a push to improve quality. The various revolution digital technologies brought about in communication vastly increased the need for photographs for use in various avenues of advertisements and marketing. As these fields grew and diversified demand for high quality photographs grew at a very rapid pace.
Post photo editing needs grew with this demand for high quality bulk requirements of the user industries. This naturally led to the development of post photo processing techniques. As use spread fast and quality requirements became stringent it was imperative that these tools become more sophisticated and more and more user friendly. There are lots of proprietary, both paid and free, tools up there. This write up is neither intended to a listing of these tools nor makes anyone a professional in the use of Photoshop. Photoshop is a very popular, versatile and powerful software package developed by Adobe. This write up intends to give a bird’s eye view of the package. There are many other packages from Adobe created for the specific needs of the various users and varies in sophistication and specifications.
Photoshop, Photo Editing, Image Editing, Photo Retouching, Clipping Path, Photo Cut out, Background Removal, Edit Background, Photo Manipulation, Image Enhancement
It would be appropriate to start with the menu bar which shows the options available. Many of these have sub menus to cater to specific operations.  File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, View, Window, and Help are the basic in the menu. To explore click each one and see the sub menu and the various presets and options and what they do. A short sketch of the very commonly used operations is given below.
Crop and straighten - Normally a photo may not always exclude all the unwanted items. These can be trimmed away. The shape and size of the photo can also be changed improving the composition of the picture. It can straighten crooked horizons and shore lines.
Improve lighting and color - This option helps one to adjust the background colour, brightness and make the colours pop up. White balance and color cast corrections can also be done using adjustments in ‘layers’
Remove unwanted content - Unwanted items like dust particles and other objects in the photograph can be easily removed using Clone stamp, Spot Healing Brush and Patch tools.
Add creative effects - This menu has item under it to make your photos look special adding colour or converting color photos to black and white. One can experiment with colour tints to make photos look old. Turn a cluster of buildings into a village using the tool Tilt-Shift Blur filter. This menu lets one be creative.
Sharpen and save - This allows the photograph a finishing touch by sharpening its edges and save the same in PSD which allows editing at a later date as the layers used are also saved. It can be saved in JPEG format also.
The above description of the very commonly used items gives one an idea of the versatility and power of the package.
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