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The introduction of digital technology in the field of photography revolutionised photography. It led to the sophistication of equipment. It reduced the cost of practicing photography and developed low cost long duration photo storage without loss of quality. All these developments led to the requirement for post photo processing tools. To cut a long story short the net result of all these revolutionary changes was photography becoming affordable to the common populace. More and more people took to photography both as a hobby and as a means of livelihood. Digital technology spread its wings to other fields of human activity, notably communication. This opened new avenues to advertising and commerce. Needless to say, as more and more commercial enterprises started to exploit the possibilities of digital technology the need, diversity and quality requirements of photographs became more and more stringent. This led to greater sophistication in post photo processing and reduction of operational cost. The latest cloud technology, open source and web based editing tools have further reduced cost.
Commercial photography has come to mean any photograph that can be used to sell any object, product or service. The needs of each field is different and so is post photo processing and the processes. Commercial photography can be roughly grouped as Real Estate Photography, Product Photography, Fashion Photography and Advertising Photography. However varied the individual need be, a common requirement is to make the photo visually stunning, capable of attracting, riveting and tempting the viewer to buy the product of his attraction. Selling is the bottom line of all commercial photography. Surveys have shown that 80% of people are attracted by pictures than written matter with an attention span of mere seconds.
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Each segment of commercial photography has requirements peculiar to them. A broad sketch of the editing process of each is given below.
Real Estate Photography
Photo stitching is the first and foremost operation. Sky enhancement, removal of distractions, introduction of scenic enhancing objects, HDR photography and processing
Colour correction, illumination correction are some of the main processing requirements of this field. A very technical operation that is often sought after is Panoramic Photo Stitching.
Product Photography
This is, basically, required by wholesale and retailers. Online stores are one of the big users. The main requirement is to present a product in its most attractive and impressive manner. There is large scope to be creative. Lighting is the most important factor.
Fashion and Advertising photography
These are allied fields and of similar requirements. There is a huge scope for innovation and creativity especially when it comes to advertising services. Besides the technicalities the photographer has to work with a team of art directors, marketing executives, and experts of other allied fields. A good grasp of visual arts, layouts and the client’s marketing strategy are all important ingredients of success. It is essential that the photographer has a clear knowledge of the target audience and their attributes to succeed.
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Photo Editing India is a well reputed service provider in all fields of Post Photo Editing Services. They have an ensemble of the latest, top of the drawer hard and software for photo processing. The company has a well-trained and skilled work force to back the physical infrastructure to ensure consistent high quality products. There are no limitations on quantity of order. The company is equipped to undertake turnkey responsibilities as well as small orders. They are well known for cost effectiveness and consistent high quality.
Some of the internationally known sticklers to quality and cost time over runs are their long term clients. 

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