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Real Estate, Real Estate Photography, Real Estate Photo Editing, Virtual Staging, Virtual Adding, Panorama Stitching, HDR Image Blending, Still Image EnhancementReal Estate Photography

Modern day Real Estate Photography is both highly technical and equally artistic. It needs high class infrastructure in hardware, software and experienced human resources of a very high quality to meet the ever stringent quality requirement of the industry. The scope of this write is to present a bird’s eye view of the various steps and process involved.
Photo Stitching - This is a very essential post photo editing operation. It is very technical needing both very powerful, sophisticated tools and great expertise and experience to execute. It involves the following steps. It needs exposures with adequate overlaps, about 30% to 50%.  The Image stitching process consists of three different steps, Registration, Calibration and Blending. 
      Registration, is where different images are accurately aligned using points of robust correspondence like Corners, Blobs and Edges. These points of correspondence have large variations of intensity in all directions. Powerful tools track these points in adjacent images and effect exact alignment.  
      Image calibration aims to minimize optical defects such as distortions, exposure variations, vignette, camera response and chromatic aberrations.
      Image blending involves executing the adjustments figured out in the calibration stage, combined with remapping of the images. Seam lines adjustments are done to reduce seam lines.
Real Estate, Real Estate Photography, Real Estate Photo Editing, Virtual Staging, Virtual Adding, Panorama Stitching, HDR Image Blending, Still Image Enhancement
Real Estate Panorama Stitching Services - This is a more complicated affair than image stitching, though the operations are same. Photos are taken with camera mounted on panorama heads and experienced experts will produce stunning panorama views.
White Balancing - The quality of a photograph depends on the quality of light reflected from the object.  White light changes to dark black through a whole lot of shades of gray. Modern post photo editing tools have the capacity to adjust the amount of gray in the photo.    
Colour cast correction - This is an allied subject to white balance. A color cast appears as a yellowish or greenish tinge across the whole photograph. This is affected by making all whites in the photo whitest and all blacks the blackest and then representing the various colors by their corresponding absolute temperatures.  
Sky enhancement services - The technique is called ‘Layer Masking’. In this, portions of the original photo that need to be preserved are painted out black on a transparent over layer on the original. A photograph of the required sky pattern is taken from a resource file and its unwanted portion masked out similarly on another transparent layer. These are then superimposed appropriately with great care to alignment. On applying ‘masking’ command the selected sky portion will appear on the original as if by magic. The same techniques are used for introducing most objects into a photograph.
Removal of unwanted objects - Disturbing objects like dust spots and construction equipment can always be present on photographs. As a rule for small objects a ‘Clone tool’ is used. Clone tools scan the adjacent areas and uses the information to mask the objects. However for larger objects a ‘Clipping’ operation is done.
HDR Photography - This is another high tech process. Same field is photographed with varying exposure time and is then processed to give spectacular looking photographs. Ordinary photos too can be processed to give HDR effect.
Tone Adjustment - Tone is the distribution of luminosity across the photo. It should be highest at middle fading towards the periphery for natural look. This is the last operation done on any photograph.
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It is evident that Real Estate Photography is highly technical and at the same time artistic too. It needs hardware and software infrastructure and experienced human resources. Photo Editing India is a service provider with all the requirements to take up large volumes of job on turnkey basis and deliver consistent, high quality work with in specified tight time schedules. Their client list is a testimony to their efficiency and quality.

Choose your Photo Editing Partners wisely! Explore our blog and know more about Photography, Photo Editing Techniques and Professional Photo Editing Services.



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