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Digitization of photography, through cost reduction of photographing, has spawned competition to the extent that field specialization has started in a very big way. The advent and evolution of post photo processing has become hand in glove with these diversifications in the field of photography. Hand in hand the opportunities to specialized education and skill improvements have also come up. Product Photography is the outcome of these revolutionary changes. However the real driving force is the vast opening of opportunities digitization has opened up in marketing and advertising. Avenues for selling are ever increasing as means of mass and personnel communication is changing rapidly. Commercial Houses are ever willing to exploit any opportunity that comes up anywhere.
Studies show that 80% of people remember what they see and just 20% does what they read. A striking, impressive picture to get noticed and grabbing the viewer’s attention is the ingredient to convert a viewer into a buyer. With personal communication embracing mobile technologies visual media assumes great importance in marketing. The field of product photography is born and showing a very healthy growth in both quality and quantity. The explosion of input information has reduced the attention span of audiences.  A spectacular and arresting the image of the product has become the bottom line of selling.
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It is imperative that the photographer has a clear idea about the target audience and their attributes, and the marketing strategy of their clients to be effective. It is important to remember the way people buy in old world stores. They would look at the object from different angles and decide how it looks as well as its utility. The 360 degree photography can help to achieve the same in an image. It consists of a series of exposures taken at fixed intervals around the object. These are then stitched together and made interactive. Modern powerful software tools are used to create a single interactive image. When loaded to a website, the image can auto rotate. The visitor can freeze or rotate the image to any angle. Often it may be quite beneficial to show the product in an environment of actual use. It is also beneficial to show a product in all its colours and the various available styles to help them make their choices. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the product photographer to present the product in a manner that it catches the fleeting glance of the viewer and rivets his attention long enough to convert him to a buyer.
There is no absolute need for any degree of any sort to be a product photographer. Most have started their work as assistants to reputed product photographers and come up the ladder. This hard grind gives them opportunity to work with, not only with experts in photography but also masters in other fields like marketing, arts and other allied fields teaching them many a practical point. With ever expanding technology it is always beneficial to acquire an academic qualification. Many institutions have started offering quality courses and placement services. Each should develop one’s own unique style of photographing. Of course versatility is a virtue to cultivate. 
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Photo Editing India is a well reputed service provider of long standing in the field of Photo Post Processing Services. They have excellent hard and software infrastructure and a well trained work force of great experience and expertise. They are well known to be cost effective, supply consistent with high quality products within the agreed time schedule. It is a testimony to their efficiency that some of the best known agencies, both national and international have been working with them for more than a decade now.

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