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The use of digital technology in photography revolutionized the field of photography. The changes it brought are many and far reaching. The cameras have become very sophisticated and the present ones can be operated in automatic, semiautomatic and fully manual modes. Cameras, these days record a lot of information about the conditions under which the exposures are made. The use of digital technology lead to the development of a new line of activity called post photo processing. These software based tools can change every parameter and the photographs made to look spectacular. Techniques called HDR photography, gives pictures just as one sees a scene. Most importantly technology drove the cost down and opened the field to a large portion of the populace. To cut a story short, this led to fierce competition which in turn leads to flourishing of talent and diversification in the field. 
Commercial photography is one of the outcomes of this fierce competition. All business activity is undertaken to make money. To sustain successful business, marketing is an important and integral activity. Advertisement becomes an important adjunct to this. With digital technology becoming all pervasive the avenues for this has become numerous. When the success of a marketing campaign depends on sharing the essence - value, product, design, concept a good photo becomes a versatile and economic tool. A commercial photographer takes stunning photographs that catches your eye and invites attention to it. The longer it succeeds to retain the attention of the audience the more is it successful to convert one to a buyer. This is the essence of commercial photography. Commercial and advertising photography is used for promotional purposes. It is used in all the available media to maximize profit.
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Commercial photographs, as the very name indicate, are used in the retail and wholesale sectors and in sales materials or for promotional efforts. To derive the desired result the entire photo shoot is devoted to the product being photographed. All the attention of the viewer is to be concentrated on the subject. The lighting, styling and background are somewhat neutral so that these do not detract the viewer's attention from the product being promoted. Commercial photographers have to work with designers, art directors, marketing executives, models etc. They should evidently possess good inter personnel skills. A good grasp of visual arts, layouts, and marketing strategies are all essential assets besides professional skills. Good networking skills and an up to date contact list is useful to have. Similarly information about locations for shoots is also handy.   
There are no specific requirements of a degree to become a commercial photographer. Most people in the profession have ground their way up from being an assistant to some or other masters. Both types of education have their own uniqueness and utility. It is imperative that one needs to keep updating their skills. Each should cultivate a unique style of lighting and photographing. Each would be known by their signatures.
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