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The introduction of digital technology in photography has turned the world of photography on its head so to say. Cameras have become very sophisticated with automatic, semi automatic and fully manual operational options. So many parameters of photography are incorporated in the camera itself or are available as add-ons. It has brought down the cost of taking photographs and their storage without loss of quality over very long periods of time. A whole new field called the post photographic processing has come into existence. These techniques allow for precise correction to exposure, perspective, sharpness, colour saturation, illumination and a lot of other parameters to make photographs spectacular. As cost have driven down a large portion of common people has taken to photography as hobby, as well as livelihood means. This naturally created competition and in turn fostered excellence.  All these changes and diverse uses to which photographs are put to gave birth to a new set of vastly different requirements and stringent specifications. All these in turn lead to a virtual revolution in the world of photography.
Commercial and Advertising photography is one of the outcome of this revolution. The basic motivation of this field, like many others, is making money by selling objects, concepts or themes. The advertising photographer has greater creative freedom to express and interpret how products, services, lifestyles and ideas can be presented photographically. When the success of your sales or marketing campaign relies on sharing the essence – the value of the product, the design, the concept a well designed photograph is the best instrument to communicate these.
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An advertising photographer should be prepared to undertake a fair amount of travel. The photographer should have a good understanding of visual arts and the history of advertising photography and also the marketing and sales strategy of his client.  A good understanding of layouts will be very handy. The photographer has to work in close cooperation with the clients’ designers, and the marketing executives to get a clear idea about the target audience, their strategies etc. Only with close interaction with their clients and understanding their requirements he can create images that will entice the members of the audience to buy their products or services as the case may be. Advertisers use all or some of the various media for capturing the attention of the prospective buyers.   
Surveys show that 80% of all advertisements employ photographs in their campaigns. It is also known from studies that viewers devote only about 30 seconds or less to view a web advertisement. Advertisements appeal to emotions more than to reason or intellect. Most often it is the photographs that draw one’s attention to the advertisement and the impact they make determines the success of the campaign. What is required is that a significant number of the viewers should be tempted enough to buy the product. It is relatively easy to take impressive photographs of products. Taking effective photographs of services is more subtle and needs more creativity to succeed. It is here the ingenuity of the photographer plays a major part.
Opportunities for quality education in photography are plenty with placement services. However it should be remembered always that there are no short cuts to the top. The grind at the bottom often gives great opportunities to learn the practical side and stands good stead in carrier. 
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Photo Editing India is a service provider to all Photographic Post Production work with long experience and reputation in the Photoshop Image Processing Industry. Photo Edit India has a top of the drawer infrastructure in both the hardware and software and has manpower with great Photoshop expertise and experience. The company can produce images of great quality and consistency within the budget and tight time schedules. Their long clientele are great sticklers to cost, quality and delivery.

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