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With the advent of digital imagery and the close to total conversion of the photography industry to digital photography it was only a matter of time the digital photo editing came to the forefront. One can safely say it was only bound to happen, though today one does say it with the benefit of hindsight and like the old adage goes hindsight is always 20/20. 


Though what many might not have seen will have the advantages of outsourcing and the benefits of scale when focusing and specializing in a core activity, case in point here being Photo Editing. As digital photography caught on and spread like a wildfire, digital photo editing started to make its journey. There was more and more technology seeping in, with advanced and superior algorithms written and used to clean up images. This led to cutting edge technology and software being developed specifically for the purpose. With time, professional photographers and users of high quality images came to treat this software and the process of image editing an integral part of their process. Photo manipulation as in any other field which makes rapid advances created a need for the professionals to stay updated and be able to make educated choices on which tool or which software to use for what function. This created the space for professional skilled and trained in software and tools to operate and the professional photographers realized they were best of channeling their focus and energies on shooting picture and let editing professional take over after that. 


All these factors in broad led to creating a space for image editing professionals and firms to flourish and cater to the growing need. Few other factors that contributed to the growth of image outsourcing, was the general business philosophy that one was better off focusing on one’s strength and leverage the strengths of others in areas one does not have the expertise, this general belief and theory helped the cause. 


Another factor was that software and technology did not come cheap and one needed to stay updated and ensure they were using the right set of tools and the image editing professional were best suited to do so, also the growing awareness of soft piracy and licenses also meant raising costs. All of these contributed to the cause and led to the growth in the photo editing industry globally.


As in many other fields this space was competitive and few regions got in with a lot of gusto and energy. The Asian region which was already active in the outsourcing space saw entrepreneurs enter the image editing space. As in many other verticals, India was one among the frontrunners. Many factors worked to its favour. The growing Information Technology and the telecom infrastructure in some of the urban centers in India ensure that internet access and access to bandwidth were affordable and competitive enough. Added to this were the skilled professionals who were well trained in using the photo editing software and tools.


Proficiency in the English language not only opened up a large market but also shut out a lot of competition for the east. This gave birth to niche enterprises in the certain pockets like Bangalore that was in the forefront of the IT and ITES growth. Small but niche enterprises who delivered work at enviable speeds and quality found a global audience, enterprises like ‘Photo Editing India’ found themselves in great demand and well appreciated for the work they did. With the growth of e-commerce globally, product photography and product photo editing was in great demand. Companies like ‘Photo Editing India’ catered to this requirement and provided niche specialized services such as Photo Clipping Services, Image Clipping Path, Photo Masking Services and various other services which the product photographers and e-commerce companies required. 


Given that e-commerce is projected to grow at astounding rates globally and in India more so. It is only natural to see an exponential growth in the photo editing services for product photography be it cropping services, background editing services, image clipping, clipping path, photo masking, image tracing, photo enhancement, image manipulation or other such required services and enterprises like ‘Photo Editing India’ would be well placed to leverage and grow along with the growing market.

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