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As much as photography and the technologies with regards to image capturing have evolved, the last decade or two has seen rapid evolution and progress in photo editing. This has resulted in post shoot process becoming just as important as the shoot itself. There have been rapid strides made in image editing algorithms and tools. These changes have further resulted in the fructification of cutting edge softwares and products that use some of these complex algorithms that take image editing and post shoot process to a different realm.

In the early stages of the evolution of post shoot processes the prevailing wisdom was that the photographer knew best on how to edit and refine the images. This clearly was hung over from the days where photographers not only shot the images but took control of the whole process of developing and curing the films and then even printing it. As technology evolved, the bifurcation of the shooting of images and the developing of the photographs began to take shape. This further got entrenched when cameras became lot cheaper and home users and amateurs took to capturing pictures of their day to day lives and the studios would develop the film rolls.

A similar evolution happened when images and photography went digital. At the advent of digital photography, post shoot editing was by far carried out by the photographer using the limited softwares and tools available. With time realization dawned that the power and opportunities in photo editing with digital imaging software was huge and an ocean of possibilities by itself. Along with this came many advanced softwares, this coupled with the overall globalization the photographers all over the world started to realize the effort both in terms of money and time on photo editing was huge and photo editing was fast turning into a speciality in its own right.

Young skilled experts were springing up, ones conversant and able to use the software well and to its full potential, ones who were able to keep track and in touch with fast pace advancements being made. This led to more and more photographers choosing to farm out their post shoot, photo editing work to the experts. As the practice evolved, many factors came to the fore. Image editing software and equipment came at a significant cost, it evolved at a fast pace, leading to newer versions and newer products and brands, which was not easy to track, evaluate and benchmark.


The stage was ripe for photo editing service providers to come in and service an ever increasing need to efficiently, both in terms of time and money, provide photo editing services to photographers and to industries that relied heavily on photography, be it the real estate industry, the fashion industry, marketing & branding, e-commerce, companies providing digital content and so on.

Photo Editing Services now was being provided by independent firms whose core expertise lay here. They ensured the use of the best of software with cutting edge technology and provided their clientele with the most oft required services such as Image Clipping ServicesCropping services, background change, Color Cast Removal, Perspective Corrections, Still Image Enhancement, Sky Change Services, HDR Services, Image Post Processing, Photo Post Production Editing, Clipping Path, Image Masking Services, Photo Enhancements, Edit Wedding Photos, Post Production Editing for Fashion Photo Shoots,   and many such others. Many of these services in tandem formed the Real Estate Photo Editing Services which was among the frontrunners in the Digital Photo Editing Services space.

The benefits of outsourcing the function are so apparent and to be seen in all quarters, be it cost or efficiencies or be it the quality of work. Given that trained personnel are  carrying out these processes day in and day out, one is not only witnessing the advent but also the rapid growth and rise of photo editing service providers globally. These entities servicing requirement do not just work in their local market but across the globe.

With ease of transferring digital images one sees the proliferation of service providers. Many a times, due to the different time zones, the photographer and the post shoot service providers operate in tandem which is an added advantage which helps shorten turnaround times, giving the end user the final perfect images a lot faster. In an era where perfection is sought and every aspect is closely inspected and critiqued, it is more than safe to say the image editing service providers are here to not only stay but flourish.

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